You’ve never heard of us? That’s okay. We are from Amsterdam and we make coffee. What’s new? Well, we work with a cooperation of female farmers and we cross the ocean with a sailing ship using nothing but the wind and the currents of the sea.Forget it for now.

Here’s the thing. A group of undocumented African refugees were camping on parking lots in the Bijlmer. An inhuman story without a happy end. Strangely, not too many people really cared. Until now. In cooperation with De Ceuvel we’ve invited part of the group to stay in Noord. To fund our project, we ask you for a donation of only TEN euros. In return for your donation you get a bag of KAAP KOFFIE for free! Ready for loads of karma? Jump on your bike and paddle to De Ceuvel to visit the on-site donation store. It’s open on Saturdays and Sundays from noon till 4pm. You probably love our initiative while having a billion reasons not to jump on your bike. We understand, really. But we need you to stand up and act. Your donation means the world for our homeless refugees.

We know we can count on you. Thanks!

By the way, here’s what happens to your money: 70% goes to Stichting Mandela (the refugees) 15% goes to De Ceuvel 15% goes to KAAP KOFFIE